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Trio con Brio Copenhagen

Saturday, June 30, 2018 8:00PM
Olin Hall

Prices are $30 for Regular Tickets, $130 for Donation Tickets, and $5 for Student Tickets.

You can also buy a subscription to all three June Series concerts: either a $70 Subscription Ticket here or a $170 Donation Subscription Ticket here.

Donation Tickets consist of either a regular ticket ($30) or a Subscription Ticket ($70) PLUS a $100 tax-deductible contribution to the Hudson Valley Chamber Music Circle.
Ticket sales cover only a fraction of our costs, and contributions are very much appreciated!

Trio con Brio Copenhagen

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Trio con Brio Copenhagen

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Donation Ticket ($130.00)
Regular ($30.00)
Student (child/student) ($5.00)